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Olympus Trip x Konica Minolta 100

I was gifted an early 1970s Olympus Trip 35 camera and a block of 10 rolls of Konica Minolta 100 film expired by a decade by my local camera shop owner, a chap in his seventies. He told me to put the camera and film to good use, and that he looked forward to seeing what I come up with… I decided to dedicate all ten rolls to one single project. A one-camera-one-film sort of project.

I wanted to try and create a body of work that has a timeless quality about it, one that could be as old as the camera itself. I felt the dated aesthetic of the expired film would lend itself to such a project. So I carried the camera in my bag for the next few months snapping scenes around Tokyo and the rest of Japan that showed little signs of twenty-first century living. This meant no modern cars, people, contemporary architecture or technology.

Here are some of the images that came from this project…

You can read the whole of this story here on the Japan Camera Hunter website.

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