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The Medicine Cupboard   Location: Japan

Some hours north of Tokyo, in an area famous for its rice farming, sits this decrepit shack in the middle of a bamboo forest. From the outside it appears rather small, once you head inside however, it opens up into a spacious traditional Japanese-style family house. This house once belonged to the village doctor and his family.

Abandoned in the early 70s, inside the house there is a great collection of memorabilia from the 1950s through the 1970s, including photos of the doctor and his extended family, lots of it left untouched for almost fifty years now. The doctor’s clinic is located at the back of the house, accessed via a long corridor. The clinic is made up of two rooms; one of the rooms is lined with bottles of medicine and isn’t much bigger than a cupboard – hence the name of this collection. The second room is now mostly empty, although I assume this is where the doctor met and checked his patients. A pile of anatomical drawings in his study shed some light on his area of study. This was a fascinating exploration!

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