Olive & Pepper

It has been a strange and very testing year for a lot of us due to the global pandemic and the knock on effect it has had on our day to day lives. Work has dried up for many of us, especially in creative fields such as photography, as businesses and individuals begin to grapple with their new found reality of remote working and physical distancing.

Back in April, when the streets of Tokyo emptied out due to the state-of-emergency-induced lockdown, I came to learn about two kittens that had been abandoned on the rooftop of an apartment building on the outskirts of town. One of the residents of the building kept them warm and well-fed over a ten day period in the hope that mother-cat would materialize again, sadly this didn’t happen, and so a message was sent out asking for prospective adopters to come forward. With so much time on my hands due to the unfolding Covid situation and several months ahead of staying at home on the cards, I decided to bring a new lease of life into our house and offer the little kitties a new home!

We named them Olive & Pepper.

This is Olive:

And this is Pepper:

At first I photographed the above images to show family and friends back home our new pets, but after several requests for more photos I decided to turn this into a longterm lockdown-project of sorts, documenting the kittens as they grow, keeping myself entertained along the way during this time of self isolation!
Here are the results of the project so far, if you want to see more be sure to follow along on Instagram at @olive_n_pepper!

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