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Alps Ski Resort   Location: S.Korea

Alps Ski Resort which is located in a mountainous region of S.Korea, very close to the border of N.Korea, was one of Korea’s first ski resorts when it first opened its doors back in the early 80s. It enjoyed booming business for several decades attracting skiers and holiday makers from all over the country as snow-fever swept across the nation. The resort boasted a number of amenities to keep customers happy including a swimming pool, church, shopping facilities and an array of hotels and lodges.

As interest in winter sports started to decline though, and more resorts were being constructed in more accessible parts of the country, the owners of Alps Resort found it hard to stay afloat. Plans for new hotel blocks were quickly abandoned, ski rental shops went out of business, and inevitably the rest of the resort soon followed. It finally stopped operating in 2006. The whole complex now sits in disarray, slowing rotting as nature tries desperately to reclaim the land upon which it was built. The once extremely popular Alps Ski Resort is now just a shadow of its former self…

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