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Glücks Kingdom

Glücks Kingdom   Location: Japan Glücks Kingdom was a German themed amusement park located in the north of Japan. It first opened its doors during the summer of 89. Materials were shipped in from Germany, as […]

Alps Ski Resort

Alps Ski Resort   Location: S.Korea Alps Ski Resort which is located in a mountainous region of S.Korea, very close to the border of N.Korea, was one of Korea’s first ski resorts when it first opened […]

Billionaire’s Mansion

Billionaire’s Mansion   Location: Japan The Billionaire in question is somewhat of a controversial businessman, originally from Japan, who invested in real estate in Hawaii, California and across Japan. He employed a number of tactics to […]

Aomori School

Aomori School Located in the midsts of a thick green forest sits this tiny school, disused for almost twenty years. With just two classrooms it was used in the second half of the twentieth century […]


Sensei I visit sensei twice a month. Sensei teaches me Shodo (calligraphy) and Sumie (ink painting). He also teaches me Japanese, albeit from a different generation. Sensei is 89 years old. As well as study […]

Last of the Dojunkai

Last of the Dojunkai A visual exploration of the Uenoshita Apartments – the last of the iconic Tokyo social housing buildings known as Dojunkai. A total of fifteen apartment complexes were built across Tokyo and Yokohama in […]

Thickets and Flora

Thickets and Flora Thicket \ ˈthi-kət \ (noun): A dense group of bushes or trees. Flora \ ˈflȯr-ə \ (noun): The plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period. Trees. Crops. Flowers. Of all shapes, sizes and forms. Photographed […]

Explore Japan

Explore Japan (gallery 1 of 2) Selected works from my portfolio of travel related assignments in Japan. Having worked extensively with a range of companies in the travel and tourism sector in Japan, I have […]

Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky A collection of photographs captured from up high, using my Mavic Pro 2 drone. Photographed across several countries, this is a series of images of everyday scenes and places, taken from […]

The People’s Republic

The People’s Republic Snapshots from a fourteen day road-trip through the southern provinces of China in autumn 2018. More than just a road-trip, this was actually my wife and I’s belated honeymoon. We landed in […]

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