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Jurassic Park   Location: Japan

This is one of the most spectacular and unique abandoned locations I have explored to date – An adventure playground for kids with a simple roller coaster that circles the perimeter of the park. Inside the park an array of jurassic creatures are situated between attractions, located in every which direction one looks… A dream come true for any dinosaur loving kid that was lucky enough to visit the park in its heyday!

The park closed its doors sometime in the early 2000s, due to a lack of visitors I guess, and now it sits in disarray, slowly falling to pieces. As the surrounding bushes and trees slowly encroach on the giant reptiles, they take on a whole new life. The environment in which they now stand a lot more realistic to that of their ancestors some 150+ million years ago! Among the many dinosaurs that populate the area, a lone gorilla stands pounding the floor with his left hand, throwing up a peace sign with the right. What a fantastic kids attraction this was, and an even better ruin!

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